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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hi! I thought I'd write a post then stay tuned for my late edition of Monday Madness.
Last week it seems like I was at work a lot. But I had one day when I worked until 10:30 at night and the next day I had to be there at 7:00 am. Also on Wednesday, I worked until 3:30, but I stayed in Midland because at 5:30 we had shop with a hero and our department was in charge so I volunteered to help out. That was a pretty good thing though, just a long day. We had 31 kids that the Salvation Army signed up for the event and we ended up with 33 heros. We had volunteers from the Midland Police Department, the Fire Department and from EMT, the fellows who drive the Ambulances. It was a good experience and all the children and their families enjoyed themselves. In addition to the $100. gift card from Meijer, Papa John's donated pizza and Pepsi and Coke both donated soda for the kids. Meijer also gave each family a food basket. If you watched TV 5 news today you may have noticed Bay City Meijer had shop with a cop today.

I'm learning a lot about my new job. It keeps me working hard and wishing for a few more hours in each day.

Time for some Monday Madness:
It's all about words! For the following, please list as many words as you wish...
1. Words most commonly mispronounced. I think lots of people are lazy in pronounciation. I hear "probly" instead of probably, "of" instead of have, "ofTen" with the "T" pronounced. That just reminds me of listening to a beginning reader, and I'm sure if I thought about it I could come up with a lot more.
2. Words used improperly. Seen, was, were, are words I hear most often. Not only does my hubby misuse these words but 2 people I work with do to. Both of these people have positions higher up that I in the store.
3. Words most often misspelled. I'm probably not a good person to ask about this because I'm not the world's best speller.
4. Words or phrases that you feel are over-used. One of my new bosses says "yada yada yada" a lot.


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