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Sunday, October 31, 2004

I hope you've not answered these before, but if so, humor me and answer them again!
Do you.....
1. Code your own website or do you use a template? I use a template.
2. Use a digital camera or a film camera? I use a film camera.
3. Make your own cards or buy them at a card shop?Mostly I make them on the computer.
4. Draw your own graphics or get them from the internet? Most of my graphics are either of a disk or the internet. I've made a few, but they hardly count. Lots of my graphics are from my seeester, OttO!
5. Take showers or baths? Showers!
6. Make your own candles or buy them? I buy mine, but I have great plans to make some! And are they soy or paraffin? I think most of my candles are paraffin.
7. Celebrate Halloween or not? We really don't celebrate because the kids are out of the house and we have no trick or treaters. I do have a Halloween candle though!
8. Sleep in on weekends or get up early even if you don't have to go to work? I usually get up early, but now that I have a job with weird hours, I sometimes sleep later than usual on my days off.
9. Correct other people's grammar, or do you just let it go? When I see it written on a posted sign, I usually correct it. I sometimes correct spoken grammar, but some people would not be able to handle that, so then I let it go. My hubby makes some common errors, and I no longer correct him. Sometimes he does it on purpose now, cause he thinks he can get my goat!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Thought I'd give Monday Madness a go! Only 2 days late, oh well!

My monster has:
Eyes like a cat.
Teeth like an alligator.
Hair like Cookie Monster.
Face like a teddy bear.
But no matter how mean my monster is, I love him/her anyway...Just the way he/she is!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Name 3 things....
1....your ideal salad has on it. real bacon bits, cheddar cheese and those toasted almonds! Of course this is not exactly a lo-cal salad, but it makes a nice treat once in awhile! do religiously in the morning. I brush my teeth, shower, and make Dave's lunch. look forward to doing in your spare time. Cross-stitching, surffing the net, and watching a sappy movie.'ve never done before, but think you will at some point in your life. Hmmmm.... That's a tough one! Do some backpack camping, maybe one day get up the nerve and the time to act on stage, and... love to do while on vacation. Bike ride, hike, and swim. took pictures of in the last month. Flowers, trees, and the garden. have to do before the end of the day. Check my email, do dishes, and read. like about your best friend. She is honest, loyal and fun!

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