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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, June 26

Name some colors that clash. Why might a person use these colors together?

I've never cared for orange and blue together. Red and yellow is another combo I really don't like. It reminds me too much of mustard and catsup! wow!!!
I think someone might use these colors together to make a point. I think I even used blue and orange together in my photo albums once. It seemed to work! Maybe it draws attention to certain things.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, June 24

Who had the greatest influence on your life? Why? Have you made an impact on anyone? How?

Ok, well, a lot of people have made impacts on my life. I'd have to say the greatest impact is from my parents. From them I learned discipline. I learned the difference between right and wrong. ...And many other important lessons. Today I turned 47. That's old enough to have met many many people who have influenced my life. Another person would have to be the 1st principal I worked for at SJS. She believed in my teaching ablilities, and even though it was difficult to get a compliment out of her, I know she respected my teaching because I worked there for a long time. Mrs. M. would never have kept a person on staff that she didn't believe in. As for someone I may have influenced? I'd have to say there are 21 classes of my ex-4th graders running around! I'd like to think I've made a difference to at least some of them!

Monday, June 23, 2003

Hi all!
It was a busy weekend. We traveled to Muskegon for my nephew's graduation party. As usual, Sharba put on an excellent party! We had a good time, and stayed late. Got home kind of early on Sunday. My hubby and I worked in the yard and garden most of the afternoon and had a quiet evening in front of the television. We were bonding because today is our 8th wedding anniversary and my hubby is working up north. I'll be hearing from him later tonight, but we had a good day yesterday and got lots done.

Well, time to get caught up on my Random Questions

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, June 23

What is the best book you ever read? Why did you like it? Who is your favorite author?

My favorite book depends on my mood! I love to read, and I have read lots and lots of books in my day! I love Stephen King, James Michner, John Grishom, Danielle Steele, Mary Higgins Clark, among many others! I really can't pick a favorite book today!

Random Questions; Random Days... Friday, June 19

White reflects all color. Black absorbs all color. Do you consider black and white to be colors? Why or why not?

I do consider black and white to be colors! They do have interesting properties, but as far as I'm concerned, they're colors just the same!

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Getting caught up on my random questions!

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, June 17
Write about your family.

I'm married to a good man. He has 2 children who are both grown and out of the house. My husband works in construction. I'm an unemployed teacher, but I am working as a chashier to pay the bills. My step-daughter is married and has 2 children and one step child. She is studying to be a nurse. What fun to spoil the grand kids, but too bad they live out of state! We are in Michigan and they life in Maryland. We usually see them 3 or 4 times a year. My step-son lives in Arizona. He absolutely hated our Michigan winters and he is loving it where he is. He does body work on cars and he loves his job!

I'm the oldest of 6 girls and my parents are still married. They have almost 48 years together! My husband is the oldest of 7. With large families on both sides, we seldom run out of things to do!

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, June 16

Do cats really have 9 lives? Why do you think that saying came to be? What if we had more than one life?

I think it just seems like cats have 9 lives! They get into many predicaments, but always seem to come out on top! If I had it to do over, I'd probably live my life in much the same way. The only thing I'm not happy about in my life right now is the state of my career. I hope that changes soon.

Random Questions; Random Days... Sunday, June 15

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Agree or disagree? Why?

Usually I agree with this one! Often a picture or diagram can clear up a foggy story!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Saturday, June 14

When was the last time you moved? What if you were "the new kid on the block?" Describe how you might feel before meeting your new neighbors. OR List 10 ways to make new friends. OR Write about a moving experience. OR About how you feel about moving, and why you haven't recently!

Ok, the last time I moved was when I got married. I was pretty excited about that move because of the start of a new life. I wasn't really worried about the neighbors because I was still working in Saginaw and that's pretty much where all my friends were. I have met the neighbors but we are not very social with them. They are not the people I would choose for friends. I do, however, have many friends in the area, and I still have my friends from Saginaw.
10 ways to make friends:
1. Smile
2. Be yourself!
3. Invite them over for coffee
4. Listen
5. Share
6. Be yourself!
7. Listen
8. Help out
9. Do things together
10. Be yourself!

I really think if you are just yourself, and you are a good listener, friendship will happen.

Random Questions; Random Days... Friday, June 13

Each day brings us a chance to do better and to make good. It is as though our slate has had the smudges of yesterday wiped out. ~L Bevan Jones
Please comment on the quote.

I think this is true! If you make a mistake one day, and it has affected someone, the next day you have a chance to apologize, make it better! Even if your mistake hasn't affected anyone, you still have a chance to fix things. God is all forgiving. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves, we can't forgive ourselves. We need to learn to do that. If we can forgive our mistakes, we can move on. Each day is a new chance to do that!

Friday, June 13, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, June 12

Ancient Greek and Roman gods were often associated with symbols that represented them in paintings. What animal or object do you think would make a fitting symbol of yourself? Explain your answer. Today's question comes from a book called "Art JOurnal Topics" by Terri Tarr-Schweitzer

As noted above I got this question from a book I have, but when I read it, I knew I had to post it! I had to do a project similar to this when I attended college in an art appreciaton class. I decided a music note in the middle of a symphony score was the perfect symbol for me. All the notes played before my note represented the past and the notes after represented the future. If you know any thing about music you know that a music score shows all the notes that are played at the same time lined up and down vertically. The notes in line with me were the present. I chose not to be on the top or the bottom line, but in the middle somewhere. Nothing very important, but significant to the composer. If my note happened to not be played, I really wouldn't be missed by the audience, but the notes around or near me would notice. The composer would certainly notice if I were missing. One of the reasons I chose this theme was because I was a music major, but I also felt it was a great way to represent me compared to the rest of the world. Anyway, I still think it is a good symbol for me, as I still love music and play when I can.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, June 11

"When you make a mistake, admit it, learn from it, and don't repeat it." ~Bear Bryant We all make mistakes.... What's a lesson you learned from a mistake you made?

I've made many mistakes in my life. I think one of the biggest mistakes was buying an old run down house from a so called friend. I say that because this person claimed to be my friend, but if it were truly the case, he'd never have sold the house to me. The foundation was in very poor condition and the roof was in great disrepair! The siding was so bad that when we tried scrape it so we could paint it, it was falling apart. The plumbing was the straw that finally broke the camels back! When the toilet water was coming up in the bathtub, and the rotor-rooter people told me that it would cost lots and lots of $$$ to fix I sold the house! The lesson I learned; check things out before you buy! Don't get something just cause you want it! I was blinded by owning my own home and couldn't see the problems until I moved in!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, June 10

Today's question is from our sidebar of suggestions: Pet Peeves! We all have them! Write about one of yours.

Well, I just answered this and for some reason it didn't take!
I have tons of pet peeves, but one that really bugs me is how many people mispronounce the word "often". THE "T" IS SILENT!!! It is now to the point where even respected news anchors and radio announcers mispronounce the word! I expect to hear the "t" pronounced from a beginning reader. They are just learning to sound words out, and they are learning about all the rules of english. I have checked 3 dictionaries and it is agreed. the t is silent!

Question from Random Questions; Random Days...

Random Questions; Random Days...

On this date in 1979 Michael Cariney set a world record for toppling dominos in Poughkeepsie, New York. It took him 13 days to set up the dominoes and they fall in just 114 minutes! Have you ever wanted to set a world record? What might be something you could try? Or just comment on the above! Today's fact comes from the book, "Dates with the Greats" by Susan Ohanian

Well, one year at the school I taught at we tried to set a world record for the longest bookworm. Our principal at the time was in charge of contacting the world record people, and they told her that we weren't even close. It was interesting though and the students really got into reading that year so in that way it was a success! Personally, I've never thought about setting a record. I'm not sure even what I'd do.

Friday, June 06, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Friday, June 6

With summer fast approaching, how about sharing some of your favorite summer time activities?

My favorite activity is camping! We also usually attend 2 annual canoe trips, however we can only make one this year. I enjoy sitting around a campfire on a cool summer evening, bike riding, and of course spending time with my hubby on the boat. He fishes and I read and run the trolling motor. I enjoy our family get together over Labor Day weekend too. These activities are fun and relaxing!

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, June 5

Describe a place. Discuss the feelings associated with it. Tell an event that happened there.

Boy, there's so many ways one could go with this question! I'm going to talk about a little school in a small town in Michigan. It is an old and tired looking building, but it was in opperation for almost 90 years! When I first saw this building I thought it sure could use a lot of work, but as it turns out, it is a sturdy and well built place. But what made this building special was the people inside it! I first entered this place in the fall of 1981. I was a nervous young teacher then, but all the staff and students soon made me feel part of the family. Even the parents of the students were generally kind and usually helpful. I had my own room to decorate and prepare for the students. I had all the textbooks I'd need to help them on their journey through their education. It didn't take long before they had captured my heart. I loved that job! I really do have many happy memories of that old building. Then on a very sad day in July of 2002, we were informed that the building would no longer be used as a school, and our services were no longer needed. I felt much saddness about that, and yes, even bitterness towards the people who I thought were responsible. Twenty-one years is a long time to invest in a place, and I must say, I really miss it. I will always remember the kindness of the students, staff and families I worked with. I'm working on forgiving certain people who lied to us. I'm looking for another teaching job, but with budget cuts, it hasn't been easy. I will do what I have to do to get by. ...And, I will remember the place as a happy place.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Well, it's been a long time since I just blogged!
I have been a little busy. My unemployment has run its course, so I had to take a low paying job to get us through. I start tomorrow, but I'm still looking for something better! The job market is tight though! My hubby is working out of town during the week, well, Monday - Thursday so things are quiet around here. Our yard looks good, but I think I need to cut grass tomorrow weather permitting. The chickens are doing well and so are the turkeys.

Last weekend I went to Muskegon for my neice's confirmation. It was a beautiful service, the music was awesome. Of course, Lisa, Shar, and Geoff all played handbells, and Shar and Geoff were in the brass ensemble. It's a beautiful church, too! Then Sunday Geoff and his friend Paul had their high school senior recital. They were great! I wish I had half the talent those two possess! Geoff played piano solos and a Fr. horn solo. Paul played piano solos too, and then Geoff and Paul played a duet. I'd say the recital was as good if not better than some college recitals I've seen!

Now for a question from Random Questions; Random Days...

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday June, 4

There's a saying, "You learn something new everyday!" What is something you recently learned? Write about it. Is there an age when we might stop learning?.

Recently we learned that we need to put water right in the little brooder box for the chickens. Especially when it is cold out. We picked up 40 chickens on May 6th and it was still quite chilly here. We put the water and food just outside their box, and even though it is all enclosed in a building, it is much chilly outside the brooder box. The stupid chickens stayed in the warmth and some of them must have dehydrated, cause we lost about 12 of them in course of 2 weeks. Then, since we are raising some for our daughter and her family, we had to get 18 more chickens. We put the water dish right in the box, and those chickens are flourshing. A lesson well learned! Also, we should try and get the chickens a little later in the spring, but the year we tried that, we had a bad hatch and ended up with egg layers instead of meat chickens. They did not get very big and weren't very flavorful either. They make good soup though!

Are we ever too old to learn? Boy, I hope not! Learning is what keeps us young. I believe if you don't use your brain, you'll lose it! Exercise is good for the brain as well as the body! :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, June 3

Today's question is about creativity. Do you feel you are a creative person? Why or why not? Why is it children often seem more creative that adults? Were you more or less creative as a child? Feel free to elaborate on any or all parts of this question.

I think I'm more creative now than I was as a younger adult. I became more comfortable with my creativity as a teacher. As I grew in my teaching, I also grew in my creativity. I can't really remember if I felt creative as a child. I remember thinking that I'd like to draw as well as my mom. I'm still not much of a drawer, but I express my creativity through many avenues. Scrapbooking, cross-stitching, web-page design, and so on. As a teacher I was blessed with many creative students throughout my years. I hope I was encouraging to them. I always tried to be. Some of these students could draw as well as any adult, while others were very good story tellers and writers. I hope these students continue. I think in many ways children are so creative because they haven't been stifled. Sometimes other kids are mean, and they may discourage their peers, but for the most part, the students I worked with were very encouraging to each other. That help too.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, June 2
Here's another wacky idea from "Bright Ideas Calendar, 365 Creative Thinking Activities."
What if your mirror could talk? What are 3 questions you might like to ask your mirror? What might your mirror say to you first thing in the morning?

I'd ask for some constructive ideas about doing my hair! What about wrinkles? Couldn't the mirror at least make them less obvious? First thing in the morning, I'm sure my mirror would suggest combing my hair and washing my face before confronting it. It might also ask me why I have to brush my teeth in front of it!
This question is from Random Questions; Random Days

Hi all!
I tried to answer yesterday's Random Question a few different times yesterday, but was unable to get this edit page to load.

Anyway, here it is...
Random Questions; Random Days... Sunday, June 1

Describe an object from nature that you feel is a work of art.

Well, I have to say, there isn't much in nature that isn't art! Look at the beauty of a forest, or a flower garden. In fact look around your own yard, and I'll be you see art every where you look. I'd say even our vegetable garden is artistic, until the weeds take over! wow!!!