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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

BIG TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Ok, I lied, I didn't quite make it back within a week, but I did do better than the last time! Things are wet around here! We are not having an easy time getting the garden in or the grass cut. It seems when I have a day off, it rains! We are going to make it to Lisa's grad party though! I just got done working 9 days in a row! Way to many for my taste! Well, I have today off, and I'm trying to clean the house a bit. I would cut grass but it is too wet. We are to get more rain yet today. Will post again soon.

Monday, May 08, 2006


1. List three words that describe YOU. Creative, Busy, Fun
2. List three words that describe YOUR HOME. Cozy, Cluttered, Comfortable
3. List three words that describe YOUR TOWN. Small, Friendly, Inviting
4. List three words that describe YOUR STATE. Wilderness, Cities, Fun

Preparing the back of our garden for planting! Thanks James! Posted by Picasa

I'm back! (anyway, I hope to be able to update at least once a week!)

Ok, I tried to post a photo right here with blogger, but I'm not able to do it. So I used my good old faithful technique. Picsa!

Well, a few words about work. In Jan. I was promoted from Team Leader Trainee to Co-Prepared Foods Team Leader. With this promotion I'm now required to work 48 hours a week. It usually comes out to be about 50. Anyway, this is a goood thing, but I'm still finding out tons of stuff each day that I still am learning. Very good, and very challenging. Anyway I'm going to try to post something at least once a week, so check back and keep me honest!