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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I'm back!
Once again I can't believe it's been a week! There was one night though, that I did try to blog, and I could not get into any of the blogs I visit. I think it was, well, I can't remember, but I was frustrated, and I finally gave up.

My work schedule looks ok for this week. I am at least going to be able to have dinner at mom and dad's tomorrow. I will have to leave early though, but I plan on coming early too. Sharba, I'll call you about Saturday.

That's it for now!

PS, OttO, I wanted to let you know I'm going to work on a friendship wall, but I'm still waiting for that email from you.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Good Evening Blogging fans!
Once again I have neglected my blog. Actually, I've neglected all the blogs I usually visit too! So Sorry! I will try to fix that situation tonight! I really don't have an excuse either. Oh well, moving on....

It is good to have water again! You may think I've dwelled on that topic, but just try it sometime. It's very difficult to function without, as I'm sure you all know. The only good thing was I actually had a good excuse for not washing the floors! wow!!!

I have a job at our Miejer Store in Midland. It is a pretty interesting job, and there is room to grow, so that's good, but the starting pay is not so great. I have been training to work at the Service Desk and also at the Lottery/Tobbaco counter. That makes it more interesting because in a week I am usually working at 2 different places, and this week I was actually scheduled at all 3. (The 3rd being a cashier at the regular check out lanes.) I expressed an interest in training chasiers to the head of the service department. She agreed that that would be a good move for me, but told me that it would probably take until the Spring before I'd be ready and before we did much more hiring. I guess if I can't be in a classroom being in a job dealing with the public is the next best thing.

Another good thing is I finally got a Saturday off! Yipee!! I didn't ask for it, but since it happened, I decided to go up to deer camp Friday after work. I'm glad to get to spend some time with Dave! Also, I'm told I have a late shift on Thanksgiving and also on the Saturday after. I will know for sure tomorrow when the schedule is posted. I should be able to spend some time with the family then, so that is good.

That's it for now!

Friday, November 14, 2003

Here's the update on our water situation.
We have water! Yipee! Tuesday was our promised day. But they left without any luck. So, on Wednesday, the guy told us he would not leave until we had water. I was glad to hear this so I did not do laundry. We were supposed to have it by noon. Well, at 11 am they told me that they could not get the pump back down the well because there was a build up of rust on the water line. They had to get something to fix it. They didn't return until almost 2pm. I was starting to worry, but when they got here the assured me that it was going to work. By the time Dave got home from work, we still did not have water, but they had broken up the rust line and were beginning to drop the pump. By 6pm or so we were pumping water, but it was slow going. There was still lots of gunk down the well from the acid treatment, but the gunk ended up plugging up our pump. The well guy told us that we might not have any water down there, and he went somewhere to check on that. Whoever he checked with told him that if we had a strong well for 14 years, it was unlikely that it dried up. Wednesday night, we still had no water, and I was beginning to get discouraged. Dave was thinking we might have to drill a new well after all. I'm not sure what happened on Thursday, but when I got home from work at about 7pm we were pumping water big time. The well guys were gone and Dave had all the spigots in the house opened up. He said he ran the water for about 3 hours straight. The well guy ruined our pump, so we had to buy a new one, but Dave says after 14 years we might have had only 1 or 2 more years left in the old pump anyway. We have lots and lots of water, but because our water is so crappy Dave had to put new faucets in both bathrooms and he had to clean the shower faucets and shower head out in our bathroom. We spent most of last night getting things straightened out so we could take showers. I still went to the laundry mat because Dave wanted to change the hoses on the washer. This he did this afternoon before he went to deer camp. Dave was kind of ticked at the well guy because of the pump, but the guy gave us a bit of a discount. Dave also asked for a 2 year guarantee but they guy gave us a 5 year one! He promised to stand behind his work. Believe me, that pump will get a test this summer when it comes to watering the yard and garden! Well, needless to say, we are happy to have water!


Monday, November 10, 2003

Howdy fans!
I apologize for not blogging sooner, but things have been a little harried around here! A week ago Saturday, we discovered we didn't have any water. This of course came to our attention after we returned home from playing cards at a friend's house. It was about 2 am. Well, try to find someone to work on a well on a Sunday! For that matter, try to find someone to work on a well at all! Everybody we first talked to wanted to drill a new well! Anyway, last Friday we did find someone to come over and discuss a repair. The guy seemed to think it would be no problem. He was supposed to come on Saturday to work on it, but of course he didn't show up until sometime on Sunday, and that was just to drop off his rig so he'd be ready Monday morning (today). I guess well guys run on their own time zone! They showed up sometime between 9 and 10 this am, but I'm not sure what time, cause I had to run an errand. They were here when I got here, but were having some sort of trouble with their equipment. They finally got the pump pulled at around 2pm, and then told me they were going to do something different than what we had agreed to on Friday. Needless to say, we still don't have water but they guys are telling us that we will have it for sure by tomorrow night! I sure hope so. Going over to the inlaws to shower and do laundry is getting old fast! Thanks, Mom, for letting me do a load at your house on Friday too! I'd rather do it at your house, but it is kind of out of the way. If we get water tomorrow night, I won't have to do laundry at the inlaws this week.

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I will be updating my meme's page tonight too, so feel free to check it out.