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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I just wanted to plug a new web-ring. It's called BlogSnob and you can find the link to the left. Every time you visit my site there will also be a link to a blgsnob member. I checked out some of the blogs last night and they are pretty good. Some were quite funny. I'll be starting a recommendation list soon.

On another note, that crazy female cardinal is back! She tried several times to bang her way into the house through our bathroom window! Poor thing!

Not much else going on here. Last night one of Dave's buddies stopped by to use some of Dave's equipment. He stayed way too late, and tonight he is coming to finish up. I hope he doesn't stay that late tonight!

O&O!!! and happy surfing!

Monday, February 24, 2003

Hi all!

Friday night was the great date! We didn't do much, movies are out, because for one I think Dave would fall asleep, but really you can't talk or anything, so we just went out to dinner. We went to Applebees. There food has been consistently good, and Friday was no exception. We started off with an appetiezer and told the waitress that we would order our dinner when we were done eating the appetiezer, because they usually bring the dinner way too early. It turned out to be a nice relaxing time for us. We just talked about stuff and laughed. We didn't get home until 10:30, but that's ok. Saturday it was back to the grindstone! Oh well, the oil is changed in the truck. I'm glad my hubby can do that sort of thing.

Well, that's it for now!

Friday, February 21, 2003

Hi All!
Last night I went to several blogs, but they were gone! Anyway, today they are back so that is good.

Tonight my husband and I have a date! Nothing fancy, but we are going out to dinner, and NOT to the BT! The BT is ok, but you can get tired of their food. It's Mexican and tastes pretty good, but after living her in Beaverton for almost 8 years, and that being the only game in town, it's good to have a change of pace! I cooked a half a turkey on Tuesday, and we've been chowing on that most of this week. I like turkey and find it to be a very versitle food. For the weekend I am making turkey soup.

Ok, enough about food! Ok, well, that seems to be all I could think of, so I'm done bloggin' for now!
Catch ya'll later!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

The weather is really nice today! I went to Midland and had to wear my sunglasses! Even thought it is still in the 30's it feels great after the weeks and weeks of sub-zero temps we've had. One thing for sure though is I'm glad I'm not out east! Those folks really had the snow to dig out of. My step daughter lives in Maryland and she sent us a pic of her car. Well, she said it was her car anyway! It just looked like a huge pile of snow. And to think, she thought she would be getting away from some of the bad winter weather by moving out there! The ice had finally cleared off of our driveway. That's nice!

Well, I'm going to try to figure out what kind of stuff I can put in the lower blue area of my template. It looks empty down there! Maybe later you will see some changes.

O&O!! and Have a great day!

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Hi All!
I spent a pleasant morning yesterday with my nephew. He was a little under the weather and his mom had to work so I stayed with him. After taking his medicine he started feeling a bit better so we watched a movie. I had never seen "Ice Age" before, so that's the one we watched. It was a pretty cute movie. Patti's dogs also were very well behaved. Well, she had one locked up, but she said that she would have been locked up anyway, and because of that, Lady was very much the lady, as far as dogs go. And those of you who know me, know that dogs are not my pet of choice! Anyway, Lady stayed calm all morning. Another pleasant aspect of the day was Patti stopped at Subway and got herself a salad, so she picked me up a sandwich while she was there. It was nice to have lunch with her and David.

I got part of my house cleaned today, and will finish tomorrow. I wonder how I ever did it when I was working! Oh yeah, I had Natalie come in once a month and we made sure the house was cleaned from top to bottom!

Well, I will go now!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I had to do it! I took the quiz about high school, and the result can be found to the left. Mom, this is one we didn't match up on, but after reading the description, I guess it could have been me, in high school, that is! I think I've changed since then though!


Tuesday, February 11, 2003

HI All!
Well, I thought I'd better blog while I was thinking of it. Otherwise, I'll think I blogged, but really didn't ! WOW!!

I never really thought of myself as much of a joiner. But, I decided to join the choir at the church I just joined! It's kind of a laid back deal, and that is good, because even though I majored in music in college, instrumental is my forte' not singing. Anyway, it gets me out of the house and it is close. I went to my first practice last night. It was pretty interesting, and the people seem nice. The good thing is they are not critical! I will also get a chance to play my flute, and maybe my sax. Tonight my husband and I are going to the Lion's meeting, yes, another "thing" I joined. The club is a good cause, but not very active. Hopefully that will change. There are now 4 women in the club, and even though the Lions International has been allowing woment to join for years, the Carrollton Lions just opened it up to women last Spring. We are hoping to get the club more involved in some projects.

Well, that's it for now!

Saturday, February 08, 2003

I can't believe it's been a week! A week doesn't seem that long anymore, at least while it's happening, but then when you look back, it seems like last week was only yesterday. I've been going to blog on a few different occasions this past week, but whenever I sat down at the computer, it seems I'd draw a blank, and suddenly have nothing to say! I know, I know, that seems odd to those of you who know me, but **** happens!

The week was actually not that eventful. I picked the crappiest day weather wise to travel to Saginaw. That was Monday and the day ended with an ice storm so I didn't even attend the meeting Monday night, which was the main reason for making the trip! I did have a chance to visit with Nat, and then I had a wonderful dinner at the folks! The stir fry was delicious!

Because of the rain on Monday our driveway has been a solid sheet of ice ever since! I went to Midland on Thursday to get my hair colored, and I actually had to use the 4 wheel drive to get out of the driveway! The roads were fine though. I did a lot of stitching this week, and I also spent some time playing around with a new program. It will be fun to use it once I get the hang of it!

Well, that's it for now! Hopefully I'll be back sooner this time!

Saturday, February 01, 2003

.... And... Even though the weather today was beautiful, the day was darkened by the crash of the space shuttle. What a tragedy, and it really brought back that day in '86 when the Challenger exploded. My thoughts and prayers are with the families as they try to get through this terrible occurance. I am glad to hear that terrorism has been tentatively ruled out.

Hey! What happened to my archives??? Hopefully they'll be back tomorrow, not that there is anything overly enlightening in them, but still....

What a beautiful day! I have to admit, I'm not really all that fond of the snow, but ist sure looks pretty on the first day. There was a nice look on all the trees and buildings. And, it wasn't even that cold out.

Dave started working on the 5th wheel again. Last winter he replaced the floor in the back and he made a new counter top and table. It was a pretty extensive job, but the floor was rotting out and it had to be fixed. I made curtains for the kitchen and dining area and the lower part of the camper looks just like new! Well, the bed area in the upper part was also leaking and the floor was getting wet, so that's this winter's project. It won't be as extensive as last winter and that's good. I will have to make curtains for that area, but it is only 2 windows and the divider curtain. He is also going to replace the counter top in the bathroom. Then the whole camper will look like new!

That's it for now!
Keep on bloggin'!