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Monday, April 26, 2004

Hi Blogger Fans! I'm afraid I may have lost a few due to the fact I haven't blogged in more than a week! OttO, sorry I missed Monday Madness last week. Anyway, I'm actually doing this weeks on Monday! Here's hoping everyone has a great week!
Using the letters in the word 'blogger' describe your blog for us.
Boring, sometimes, but not always! I just need to do this more often.
Light hearted
Often forgotten about! Sorry!!!
Good place for me to jump start my web surfing!
Great links to some other blogs.
Easy to read
Red! At least on top! wow!!!

Now here's a post for the day!
I have been working some really strange hours at work. I've had to work a couple of 3rd shifts over the past few weeks, and that really messes up my schedule for doing things at home! It's not really an excuse for not blogging, cause I know some people who are lots busier than me, but that's what's been going on around here. We got part of our garden in already though! We planted peas, onions, beets and radishes. The peas are already starting to sprout. Dave tells me these plants do well in cooler weather. We've also been eating some fresh asparagus. Yum! That's it for now!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Monday Madness!
Let's do something with colors this week....Each question will begin with 'What color is your favorite.......'

1. Vegetable - Orange
2. Beverage - Brown
3. Room - pink
4. Outfit - blue
5. Mood - yellow
6. Season - green
7. Fruit - yellow
8. Dessert - brown
9. Pair of shoes - white/blue
10. Color???? - purple

Monday, April 05, 2004

Howdy Blogger Fans!
I don't really want to be a once a week blogger, but lately that's what I seem to be doing! Oh well, sometimes I just can't think of a thing to blog about and when I can, I can't seem to find the time. I know it is a poor excuse, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it! wow!!! Anyway, we had a great weekend getting things done around the yard. We cleaned flower beds, and we also thatched and vacuumed up the lawn! Sounds funny I know, but once we pulled up the dead grass we had to suck it up! It all went into the garden, which Dave is already starting to prepare for peas. I really enjoyed working out in the yard with my honey! Sunday I was supposed to work from 10am to 6:30, but got called in at 6 am. Of course I didn't get there until about 6:30, but they were glad I made it at all as the morning service coordinator called in sick. But it was good for me as I got home from work 3 1/2 hours earlier than planned. The only problem was I was just too tired to blog that day, and as one of my blogging sisters already noted, Sunday was 04/04/04. I really planned to post an article that day, but went to bed instead. I had today off, but I have to work the next 6 days in a row. I'll get 40 hours this week though, and that is a good thing.

Now for some Monday Madness.
1. What makes your country special?
We are blessed with many freedoms and priveleges that others don't have. I appreciate my right to vote, and am disheartened by the number of adults who don't vote because they feel their single vote doesn't really count. Many people fought for this country to gain the rights we have, and we should be sure to exercise them!

2. What makes your hometown special?
My parents still live there. Freeland is a nice community and they usually have the cheapest gas in the tri-city area! But, I'd have to say, that fact that family still resides there is what makes it special.

3. What makes your neighborhood special?
I love our little piece of land! We have nice flowers and a big garden in the summer. We are already seeing the tips of tulips, daffodils, and irises! I love spring! We raise chickens and turkeys in the summer too. The coop is way in the back yard so the smell does not affect us, and it looks quaint in the back yard.

4. And your loved ones - what is it about them???
My husband is special because he takes care of most of our repairs and he does special things for me. We still sit around in the evening and chat like we did while dating. He is caring and loving, along with being quite the handy man! My parents are great people! They raised a great group of kids, 6 girls to be exact, and we all turned out pretty good. My sisters are special each in her own way. We are spread out, but we do keep in touch. Many of us blog and that helps! Then I could go on and on about my wonderful nieces and nephews, because they are, but I'll save that for another day. I'm blessed with a great family.

5. And finally you - what is it that is unique about you...???
I think I am a good communicator. In other words, I work well with people. I'm a musician, I play flute, clarinet, and tenor saxophone. I also play the baritone sax in a big band I'm in, but we haven't had any jobs lately. Oh, and I'm a pretty good cook too!