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Friday, March 11, 2005

Hi Everyone!

I am always joking with my hubby that when things don't go his way, it is "Part of the conspiracy!" Well, I've been trying to call my mom and then when that didn't work, I tried to comment on her blog! Well, that's not working either! Hmmmmm.... Must be part of the conspiracy! wow!!!

Love Linda

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here is my late entry for Monday Madness!!

1. What time is it right now? 6:30 pm
2. What are you usually doing at this time on any given day? I could be working, or watching the news, or preparing dinner, or playing on the computer. Today, I'm playing on the computer!
3. Is there a day of the week that time seems to fly by faster than the other days? No.
4. If you could make ONE hour of each day twice as long, which hour of the day would you choose? Probably the hour just before I get out of bed. I like knowing I have some sleep time left.
5. If you could make one DAY of the week twice as long, which day would you choose? It doesn't really matter, but for sure it would be a day off!
6. If you could make one hour and/or one day HALF as long, which time of the day, and which day of the week would you choose? I wouldn't really want to shorten any part of my days. They go fast enough as it is.
7. Do you agree with the following statement? "The older you get, the faster time goes by." I totally agree with that statement!
8. What do you usually do during your "down time?" Read, watch tv, cross stitch, or computer.
9. What one thing do you spend more time doing each day than anything else?Hmmmm Probably watching tv, because it is on even if I'm not "watching".