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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Monday Madness!!!
1. The one kitchen appliance I just could not live without is my ________, Hmmmm..... Of course the obvious answer would be the refridgerator or stove, but lets consider we get to keep these two item... Then I'd have to say my FoodSaver. I use it daily and it really works as well as the ads say!
2. My desk always looks like a mess! Well, not always, because I try to clean it up on a regular basis, but it does tend to be a collecting ground for things I want to get out of the way quickly from other rooms.
3. The clocks in my house are always are usually correct! But, the one on the VCR is a little fast. The one in the truck is 3 minutes fast and that's about it.
4. The one television program I just can't stand is .... Jerry Springer and other stupid talk shows. I'd have to rank Dr. Phil and Maury Povich among stupid talk shows, and I'm sure there are more.
5. The one television program I try to never miss is.... Don't really have one, but I try to watch "Strong Medicine" on Lifetime on Sunday's. I don't worry about missing it though.
6. When it comes to housework, I really hate cleaning and dusting the living room! All those little things to do! What a hassle! When I lived with Seeeester OttO, I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and she cleaned the rest of the house. We were both happy! For awhile she cleaned here for me too, and we pretty much had the same arrangement. I wish we could do that again!
7. If I could re-design my living room, the first thing I would do is the walls! This of course is our plan when we do redo it.
8. I wish I had a bigger storage place in my house.
9. When someone points a camera at me and says 'Smile!' I usually do.
10. I expect I'll have my income tax done by March.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

This question comes from June's What's On _______ Right Now?

What's On your 'MUST DO before the end of the week' list Right Now?
1. Laundry
2. Finish my computer room, all I really have to do now is clean and organize my computer desk area. That includes the shelves above. Should take about an hour to finish.
3. Come up with some interesting meme questions for RQRD's.
4. Call mom and find out how to get the browse option to open in Adobe Photo Shop Elements.
5. Finish my Puffin Wall, and make more patches. (Well, I guess I don't really have to do that, but it sure is fun! wow!!!)

Monday, January 19, 2004

Hey! How about this fans! Here it is Monday, and I'm actually doing Monday Madness!
. I often wake up before my alarm clock goes off. True! I have been like this for as long as I can remember! Now I don't even have to get up but I'm always up before my hubby!

2. I love to drive; in any kind of weather! False! I hate the really dark rainy nights, and I also hate driving on icy roads. I must say that now that I'm driving a truck with 4wheel drive, the snow hasn't been bad.

3. I'd rather have to worry about staying warm than staying cool. True! I've always said in the summer you can only undress so far, but in the winter you can pile the clothes on to your hearts content.

4. I wish I lived in another state. False. Michigan is a fine state. I just wish winter weren't so cold. I do enjoy the variety of the 4 seasons though.

5. Multi-tasking is what I do best! False!

6. Flying is the only way to go! True and False. If you are going on a loooong trip flying is the way to go, but sometimes the getting there is half the fun.

7. Budgeting my money is one of my downfalls. True. I never even recorded a check in my check book, let alone balance it before I got married. My hubby is setting me on the right road though.

8. I wish there was 8 days in the week! True! As long as I wouldn't have to work on that day.

9. I get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. False. I like to stay up late, but just get up early. Now that I don't have a job with regular hours though, I do tend to take a nap once in a while in the afternoon.

10. I'm a night owl. I'm a wannabe night owl! wow!!! I'd like to stay up later, I usually end up going to bed around midnight or before.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

I just wanted to make a quick post today.

We had a great time last night with foggy and her family and also OttO and Awex! We went out to dinner and came back to Foggy's house for games. Well, I guess we found out we are not as smart as we'd like to think, cause we played Cranium and I think we might still be there if we hadn't set a time limit! Next time I think we're going to play the kids version! wow!!! Anyway, we had fun and lauged a lot.

I can't believe we are getting more snow! I have to drive to work in that crap! Oh well! See you all soon!


Monday, January 12, 2004

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment and invite you all to look at my Puffin Wall! Thanks Mom, for your help in getting me started, and Nat, for putting it together, the wall that is! I will be updating the wall often until I get all the patches up so check back! I also have to make some more patches too.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Here's a Wednesday meme on a Friday! What's On _________ Right Now?

What's On your calendar Right Now?
Hmmmm.... I was lucky enough to pick up my brand spanking new calendar from my mom this week and she has some important dates already highlilghted for us! My niece, Lisa's birthday is coming up on the 14th, grand daughter, KaitLynn's birthday is on the 26th, nephew Miguel's birthday is the 29th, and of course our dad's birthday is the 30th! We are planning a quick trip to Maryland on the last weekend in Jan to celebrate KaitLynn's 1st birthday, I sure hope I can get those days off! And of course my work schedule gets posted. Remaining this week, I have to work tomorrow and Sunday. I'll find out next week's schedule tomorrow, as I had today off.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Here's some Monday Madness!! on a Tuesday!

Slang.........this week's questions are all about slang.
1. Do you use any slang words on a regular basis?
Not really, but I do use it.

2. Is there any one slang word that really bothers you when you hear others use it?
I'm bothered by the use of the "f" word. Especially seeing how young the kids are that use it. Lots of folks use it in their common everyday language.

3. Do you have a favorite slang word?
Not really

4. What are your thoughts on adding slang words to the dictionary?
As long as the word is labeled as slang it's ok with me!

Sunday, January 04, 2004

I want to start this post with a great big THANK YOU!!!! to mom, who put the cute graphics and updates on my page, and to Nat, who made most of them! THANKS!!!!! It looks great!


Hi all! I just wanted to post a regular post today. I'll tell you about my New Years Eve, as I did not participate in the photo version. I had to work until about 6:30 that night. That was fine, cause we had plans to go play cards at a friend's house, but didn't start until about 8pm. When I got home I had to grab a quick shower and then put together my dish to pass. I cheated this time because I discovered that the fine people in the Meijer deli put together a potato salad that is almost as good as homemade. That's what I brought since I didn't really have time to make anything, and no one seemed to mind either as most of it was eaten that night. We played cards until about 11:58, then we broke out the noise makers and champagne. We brought in the New Year with lots of noise and hugging of friends. We did have to finish our final game after that, and suprisingly enough, Dave took 4th place. He was tied so he only got 5 bucks, but it was better than nothing. We hung around there for another hour and got to bed in a timely fashion. Now for those of you who wonder what we do about drinking and driving, don't worry, we don't. I usually have just one glass of wine early in the evening, and that particular evening, I also drank a small glass of champagne, but mostly I drink water and pop. Then, I'm the driver. That eliminates any possibility of drinking and driving! Now, onto New Year's Day. I had to work that day also, but only for 51/2 hours, and the good news is, being a holiday, I got time and a half! But now that the holidays are over, and shopping is slowing down, my hours are being cut a bit. That's not good, but hopefully they'll pick up soon!

Well, That's all for now!

Friday, January 02, 2004

Here's some Monday Madness! on a Friday! I finally got into this editing page!

1. List three words to describe yourself. Friendly, intellegent, and creative
2. List three words to describe your job. Busy, interesting, and underpaid
3. List three words to describe your computer. Slow, useful, and mine!

Now I'm going onto some What's On..... !

What's NOT On your 'New Year's resolutions' list Right Now?
I'm not going to go on a diet this year, instead I'll just try to change my eating habits.
I'm not going to sit on my a$$! Instead I'll try to incorporate excercise into my daily routine.
I won't be mean to people intentionally.
I won't stop visiting family and friends.
I won't give up my computer time! wow!!!
I won't promise to keep a perfectly clean house, after all, how would you know it was me if I did!
I won't be mean to my dear husband!
hmmmmm..... I suppose I could go on and on, but I won't bore you! wow!!!