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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, October 28
Halloween is right around the corner! Do give out treats to kids? Do you get many visitors? Do you dress up?
Living out in the country, we rarely get a trick or treater! I used to have some candy on hand just in case, but I think it was just an excuse to buy candy! Now I don't bother. This year I'll be working. We are not allowed to dress up at work, so I'll not be dressing up.

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, October 27
CELEBRATE TEDDY BEARS! On this day in 1858 President Theodore Roosevelt was born. The teddy bear was created in honor of him. Do you have a favorite teddy, or stuffed animal. Please share.
I have a teddy bear that I got from the school I worked at for selling something. I have a furry cat that I won somehow, and I have a few other lilttle things. A couple of little doggies and kitties from my hubby too, when we were dating.

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, October 23
Do you know any interesting trivia about your state/providence/country? Please share.
I know lots of interesting facts about our state! Michigan was the first state to have paved roads. Our great lakes hold the majority of the world's fresh water, with Lake Superior being the largest fresh water lake in the world. The Kirkland's Warbler only nests here in Roscommon County, they like to nest under the pine trees. We have the longest coastline in the US, (because of our 2 peninsulas) and also have more registered boaters than any other state in the US. In Michigan, a person is never more than six miles from a river, stream or lake. When Michigan applied for statehood, we were in a dispute with Ohio over a strip of land that included the city of Toledo. Congress finally helped to settle the dispute when Toledo was given to Ohio and Michigan recieved the Upper Peninsula. We were granted statehood on January 26, 1837. Well, as you could guess, I could go on and on! I comes from teaching 4th grade for 21 years!

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, October 22
Today's quote comes from my calendar, "Simple Thoughts" No author is given.
Every day holds the possibility of a miracle. Please comment.

I believe in miracles. Every person is a miracle if you ask me. Also God works through people to heal the sick and cheer up the lonely. This world is a a miracle too, I see no way it could be an accident.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Now I'm going to post a response to a question I found on OttO's blog. It is copied right from her post below.
I heard on the radio while driving to work this morning that in 125,000 years, the male species will be extinct. Interesting, eh? They are the only ones that possess a y chromosome and they say it is 'weak and decrepit.' I thought this may interest you. What would you NOT miss about men? What would you miss? ~OttO's blog of Friday, October 17.

Hmmm.... It seems to me that sometimes men lose their tempers a little easier than women. I wouldn't miss that. I also wouldn't miss the fact that sometimes the men I know speak before they think. Things I'd miss? My husband is the handiest guy I know! He fixes cars and almost anything with a motor. He is currently working on our drier as the bearings are worn out in the motor. We are just waiting for the part which should be here by the weekend. He changes the oil in all our stuff, including the lawnmowers and rototiller. He can fix the car or trucks when anything goes wrong! One time the heater went dead on my way to work. This was when I worked in Saginaw, and of course I was only about half way there when it happened. It was a snowy slushy day, and very hard to drive with no working defrosters! So.... When I got to work, I called Dave. We decided it would be cheaper for him to buy the part and take the day off to fix it. It was an all day job and would have cost over $600 for a mechanic to do it! He came down to Saginaw and picked up the car and left me the truck, then he got the part and went home and fixed the car. By the time I got home from work he was just finishing up! I would really miss stuff like that! He also remodels rooms in the house, currently the 2 bathrooms and our bedroom is finished, Nick's room is next, then hopefully in 2 years he will do the kitchen and living room. But the best thing about this man I know and love is that we still laugh and talk together! He has been working out of town a lot and when he comes home on Thursday evening, or even sometimes on Friday, we spend several hours in the garage getting caught up on what each of us did that week. We also laugh about some of the stuff that happened. He is not only a handy guy to have around, I'd have to say, he is my best friend! I believe the world would not be around for long if men were not here! Just remember, it takes two to reproduce!

Thanks OttO, for giving me this topic to write about!

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, October 21
Today's question was suggested by the Bug!
How do you refer to each room in your house?

Of course the most common rooms being the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are referred to as such, however, we still call the bedroom on the driveway side of the house Nick's room and the bathroom at that end is still referred to as the kid's bathroom even though Nick moved out sometime in the fall of 1999! I guess some habits are hard to break! The room I'm in right now is my computer/craft room even though it was originally added onto the house as a bed room. The living room is just that, and the back room is the room you enter when you come in the back door. We also have our washer and drier in there.

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, October 20
How was your weekend? Write about something fun or productive you did.
My weekend was good, even though I had to work each day of it. Something productive I did was laundry! And, something fun was going to a friends house Saturday night after work for a campfire. The weather was just beautiful around here so that helped make the weekend good. Dave dug up irises and replanted a bunch of them. He still has many more to do!

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, October 16
The Phone: Do you use your phone a lot? Do you make lots of long distance calls? What type of long distance service do you carry and why?
I use my phone frequently, but I wouldn't say I really use it a lot. Most of the people I know live in areas that are considered long distance by the phone company, but we do not carry a long distance service on our line. I buy phone cards from Sam's club and we only pay 3.47 cents a minute. I think we do pretty well with that plan as I buy 1,000 minutes at a time and they last me several months.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

The following poem is in response to a "Random Questions; Random Days" suggestion.


Blogging is good for they soul they say,
Some folks do it every day!
I find it relieves some stress of the time,
If only I'd do it all of the time.

Well, folks, that's about all this little brainiac could come up with today. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, October 9
This week is Fire Prevention Week. Do you have fire alarms placed in your home? Do they work?
We do not live in a very big house, but we have 2 alarms. Both work. They are electric, but we test them out once a year anyway. One is by our bedroom and the other is down the hall by the bathroom. That one goes off on the rare occasion I burn something in the oven, and it is a pain to turn off, but we still leave it plugged in! We also have one in the camper.

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, October 8
Are you a fan of late night television? Do you prefer Letterman or Leno, or, do you have another favorite? Share.
I must say, I enjoy late night TV. I think David Letterman is the best. His brand of humor really makes me laugh.

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, October 7
Here's a fanciful question taken from my book called, "Bright Ideas Calendar Activities" by Ginny McDonnell and Sue Mogard.
What if colors could talk? Describe a conversation between two of your favorite colors, or, Name the colors that have the silliest, happiest or most serious personalities.

I can't really think of a conversation, but my favorite colors are hunter green, navy blue, and maroon. I love those colors together. I also like purple. These are not really what I'd call happy colors, but I think they are calming. I remember as a child I used to love to use those colors on pictures in school. My house was always maroon and the other colors fit in as I would make the picture be night. Happy colors are yellow and orange. Red can be a happy color, but it is also the color of rage. I do not like to mix yellow and red in the same picture! It reminds me of mustard and catsup!

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, October 6
With the Internet and email going strong, do you still write letters or send cards the old fashioned way?
I am not very good at sending out letters or cards the snail mail way. I really should try to do better!

Random Questions; Random Days... Sunday, October, 5
This weekend's question is a bit late, but last night when I was going to post, my computer kept freezing up! Bummer! Anyway, all seems well today! Are you a religious person? Do you believe in a higher power, or God? Please comment.
I am not what you would call a "religious" person. I believe in God, because there is no way this great earth, or even the solar system could have happened by accident! And what about people? How could these complex bodies of ours ever happened accidentally? I also pray, because I believe God wants what is good for us. I used to be a bit more religious than I am now, but with finding out how un-religious the people running the church were, I really didn't want to have much of a part of that anymore. I think organized religion can help us learn discipline, but we really need to develop our own relationships with God. He is the one who helps us.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, October2
October is National Popcorn Poppin' Month! Do you like popcorn? What is your favorite snack?
I LOVE popcorn! Of course my favorite way would be with butter and salt, but that is not the most healthy way to eat it, so I also enjoy it sprayed with butter flavoring and lightly salted. My favorite snack would be anything chocolate! wow!!! Talk about healthy!

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, October 1
Well, fall has definitely arrived! Do you have lots of leaves in your yard to take care of? What do you do with them?
We have lots of leaves, but the clean up job isn't too hard. I run the lawn mower with the bagger hooked up and that sucks them up and then I just deposit them in the way back yard and they turn to mulch. When I lived in the city we could just rake them into the street, and the city workers would come by and clean them up.

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, September 30
What part of the world would you most like to visit and why?
I'm lucky enough to have been to Europe twice, and even though there is a world of history over there I'd have to say, I'd most like to visit each one of our states, here in the good 'ole USA! I've been to many, but not even half yet! Also, there are many many beautiful places right here in my very own state, of Michigan.

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, September 25
The experts say that the average credit card debt is $8,000! How do you feel about credit cards?
I think credit cards are necessary for some things, for instance, they sure make traveling much easier. We try to keep our credit card debt down, and I'm glad to say, we are way below the national average where this is concerned.

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, September 24
Today's question is inspired in honor of my parents wedding anniversary, which is today. Happy 48th, Mom and Dad!
Are you married? If so, how long, if not, is there a significant other in your life? Write about it.

I'm very happily married to a great man I met in 1993. We got married in June of '95 so we have been married for over 8 years.