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Friday, August 29, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Friday, August 29
What are you doing this holiday weekend? You can find the link to this meme on my side bar.

Mostly I'm working. I know I have to work through Sunday, and I'll find out tonight if I have to work on Monday. My hubby took some extra time off work so he decided to make a trip to the Upper Peninsula. He is visiting an old High School friend. I'm glad he took the extra days off because he is missing the big travel time. He left yesterday around 1:00pm and will come home on Tuesday. My secondary plan is to get some zucchini put up, (dried, baked, and frozen) and clean the house if I have time.

Ok, now I'm going to tell a true story that happened on Wednesday.

My dear husband raises chickens and turkeys. We had a rough time with our chickens this year, as I think we got them too early, but they are all butchered and in the freezer now. The turkeys have not ever been a problem. Until Wednesday! Dave was working up at Higgins Lake and he stays there until the week is over. Tuesday morning the turkeys were fine. I watered them up good and went about my daily business. Wednesday morning I went out to water them up and I noticed one turkey had a sore face. And I mean sore! Half of his face was ripped away from the bone. It was pretty gross to look at. He seemed fine otherwise though. Well, I had some errands to do, so I went ahead and did them. Because of the one turkey, I was a bit concerned so when I returned home, I went out to check on them. He was standing in the corner with his head hanging down. To me he was looking pretty poorly, so I called my hubby. He told me I had to get him out of the coop and put him in the other side. They had to be seperated. Well, this was not something I really wanted to do, but I went out to give it a try. He wouldn't move with the rake coaxing, and I wasn't about to touch him so I went in and called Dave again. He said just keep an eye on him and hopefully the turkey would make it ok until the next day. Well, Dave knew he wouldn't be home until late on Wednesday because they were putting in 12 hour days because of the days off. He had second thoughts and called me back, and suggested I call his dad and have him come over to butcher him. What a relief! I called Walt and even though he was planning on going fishing, he came right over. He took care of the turkey and Dave brought it upnorth to share with his friend's family. The problem was of course, if the turkey had died before he had been butchered, the meat would have been ruined. Also, his face could have gotten infected which would have also runied the meat. Walt said the liver was a healthy color and there was feed in its stomach so he was fine for eating. I was just relieved to have him out of the coop. As it turned out, it seems we had 2 toms in the coop and they must have gotten into a fight.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, August 26
What is the most important life lesson you've learned to date?
So many lessons in life, and so many of them are important. I think one must be prepared for anything.

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, August 25
Do you buy lottery tickets? Have you ever won anything significant?
I used to buy lottery tickets. I think it is mostly a waste of money. I did win $75.00 one time, but that's it.

Random Questions; Random Days... Saturday, August 23
With school starting for many next week, and some students are already back, today's question is about school! What kind of school did you attend and did you enjoy it? Why or why not?
I attended a public school. The same school system from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I think when I was young I enjoyed school, but as I got older, I didn't really care for it. I was never a very organized person so I didn't keep notes in order or homework assignments either for that matter! I remember at graduation lots of my friends were crying about how much they were going to miss the place, but I was just glad to be out! I did enjoy college. I went in with an open mind, and I made a commitment to myself that I'd sit in the front of the class and ask questions if I didn't understand something. I didn't want to sit in back because that way I couldn't see if my classmates were upset with me and my questions. As it turned out, many of them were glad I asked because they had the same question I did. I did well in college.

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, August 21
What kind of shopper are you? Do you look for bargains, or do you just go in and get the job done? Do you like to shop?
I usually just get in and get the job done! Shopping is not one of my favorite activities!

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, August 20
Here's another cooking question for you! What would be the perfect sandwich?
For me, the perfect sandwich is a grilled ham and cheese on whole wheat bread!

Monday, August 25, 2003

The lie was #3!
Thanks to all of you who posted a guess. This was fun!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Ok, Ok! I caved! I'm going to play this little blog game my sister, OttO and my mom found! It's called Obfuscation: The Blog Game I am getting ready to post my 3 stories and you have to pick the false one! Then leave me a comment with your choice. That's all there is to it, and thanks for checking out my blog! Oh yeah, if you want to play too, just click on the name of the game above.

1. We have a mouse in the house! I saw him once just recently, and my hubby saw him yesterday. Last night while I was at work the little critter came out in the living room so my dear Hubby set a trap for him. The mouse proceeded to the trap, licked off the peanut butter and ran off! He was able to do this without getting caught! As a result, we still have the mouse in the house! Yikes!!!

2. We have not had very good luck with used cars. We bought a used Lincoln Town Car several years ago. That lemon was nothing but trouble since the day we got it. It had to have the transmission worked on twice, a new manifold seal, the AC had to be recharged at the start of each summer, the starter went out on it, the anti theft system went out on it so bad that the car would not start until we figured out the problem, the heater core needed to be replaced, and I could go on and on! Anyway, when the car went out on us the last time, my husband spent about 3 weeks working on it to get it fixed, but to no avail! We broke down and decided to buy new. We got a very nice 2002 Chevy Silverado, and would you believe 2 weeks after I started driving it I got a flat tire that couldnt' even be fixed? Well, it's true, but at least that's the only problem we have had with it. Turns out, buying new worked out for us this time!

3. We really enjoy camping and try to go as often as we can. On our last trip we were with a bunch of cousins on my hubby's side of our family. Imagine our surprise when Dave's brother Wally announced he was taking us all to dinner! Wally typically does not do this sort of thing, but at dinner he announced that he and his family just won $100,000 on an instant win lottery ticket! I could hardly believ this happend to some one I knew, let alone someone I'm related too! Oh happy day!

Please read the 3 stories carefully and leave a comment with your pick for the untrue story. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, August 19
Are you an early bird or a night owl? Explain.
I'm a night owl wanna be! What that means is I spent so many years getting up early that I can't sleep in! As a result, I'm tired at night and end up going to bed earlier than I'd like to. Actually, I'd really like to be both! wow!!!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Hi Fellow Bloggers!
I haven't been on line much lately, as I started a new job and I'm keeping up pretty good on the garden. I am going to make my final batch of pickles tomorrow! If you know me and would like some cukes for pickles, let me know! The tomatoes will be coming in soon also, and I'll be making some salsa and also some stewed tomatoes. The rest will be made into juice, and my dear hubby always helps out with that project.

We went camping last weekend, but it was cut short because of my job. I was supposed to have Friday and Saturday off, but they changed the cashier class and I ended up having to work until 11 on Friday. We were on the road by 1:30, so it worked out pretty good for us anyway. I had to be back by noon on Sunday so I could be at work by 2. Oh well, we packed lots of fun into the short time we were there. We floated down the Rifle River in tubes and we had a horse shoe tournament. My partner and I actually won! Believe me, it was my partners doing! It was fun though. We had a campfire on Friday and Saturday evening. That's always a good time too. It was so hot on Friday though we couldn't sit too close! wow!!!

We finished cashier training on Sunday and will be running registers the next time we work, which for me will be Wednesday. We will have a cashier buddy as a bagger so we will be able to have any of our questions answered. After 2 days of that we'll be on our own. It is actually going to be a bit easier than working at Save A Lot, because we just have to be cashiers. We will not be stocking or getting carts! Now I just have to work my way up the seniority list!

Now it's time to get caught up on my Random Questions.
Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, August 18
What if you were lost in a book? What book would you like to be lost in and why? How might you get out?
This idea was taken from a little book called, "Bright Ideas, 365 Creative Thinking Activities" Authors: Ginny McDonnell and Sue Mogard

One of my favorite books as a child was a book called "The Velvet Room" That is one of the few books I read more than once. I remember thinking at the time how cool it would be to be a character in that book, but I really don't remember why. I do remember the room the book was centered around and I always thought it would be cool to have a room like that. It was a tower room with windows all around. The curtains were made of velvet and there were window seats in each window. I'd get out of the book the same way I got in. I'd just sit back and dream myself in and out of the book anytime I wanted.

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, August 13
What's your favorite word processing program? Have you ever wanted to try something different? Why?
My favorite program is MicroSoft Word. It is my favorite because it is the program I am familiar with. I really don't care to learn another program but if I had to I would.

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, August 12
Today's fact is taken from the book, "Dates With the Greats" by Susan Ohanian On this date in 1859, Katherine Lee Bates was born. She is most famous for writing the words to the song, "America the Beautiful." I remember learning this patriotic song (among many others) in elementary school. Do children still learn these songs? How important do you feel these songs are? Please comment.
I think these songs are vital to our heritage. Many of them tell a story. When I was teaching I taught many patriotic songs to my class. I would hope the children are still learning these songs today.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, August 11

What is the farthest you've been away from home? Have you ever been out of your country? If so, where and how far?
I've been to Europe twice. Once in high school, I traveled to Germany, Denmark, and Holland with the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Concert Band. It was wonderful! We stayed with families while we visited and played to large crowds. We were treated well. The second trip to Europe was a bus tour with a friend and coworker. We were gone a month. We stayed in hotels, but got a good tasted of the culture while we were there. It, too, was a wonderful trip. As far as travel in my own country, we do lots of camping within our great State of Michigan. But when I got married in '95, we took a 5 week honeymoon out west. We visited Roosevelt National Park, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons and Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse monuments in South Dakota. When we retured we took the kids to Cedar Point for 3 full days of fun and excitement! That was really the longest vacation I ever had, and what a relaxing time it was!

Friday, August 08, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Friday, August 8
How did you learn to cook? Do you use a recipe for everything you make, or do you just throw stuff into a pot and hope for the best? Do you enjoy cooking?
I learned to cook by doing it. I remember when my mom went to work when we were kids she would leave dinner started in the fridge. She also left directions on what to do to get it done. We followed those directions and learned how to make many family favorites such as swiss steak, pork chops, stuffed green peppers, and many many more. Most of the stuff I now cook for dinner I do without recipes, however I'd have to give my mom credit for the recipes because as I said, I learned it from her. I do enjoy cooking, but sometimes find it difficult to plan dinners. As long as I know what I'm making, I enjoy it. I also like to bake, but I use recipes for that.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

I hadn't realized I'd been away from this blog for so long! We've been a little busy around here, I tell ya, leave for a weekend to go camping and the garden just goes crazy! Pretty much took me all week to get caught up! Also, I got a new job, a little better than the current one, but still a cashier. At least this place offers benefits and a consistent raise schedule. Well, I think I'll answer the Random Questions, then I'll do the memes I like!

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, August 7
Today's question is inspired by my GARDEN!!! Do you like zucchini? What are some of your favorite ways to use it?
I like zucchini! One time I made a whole dinner out of it! That was several years ago, but it looks like it may happen again this year! We have FIVE plants! A bit much if you ask me, but obviously the planter of the garden didn't ask. Oh well, he means well! He says he cut back a bit! wow!!! Any way, I've made zucchini lasagna, I serve it as a side dish cooked up with any combination of the following, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and various seasonings. I make lots of zucchini bread and freeze it for the winter. I have a delicious recipe for a zucchini chocolate cake. I dry it and use it in soups. We have grilled it on the grill, and yes, I've fried it too, but it is not my favorite. The great thing about this vegetable is how versitile it is! I'd have to say it is my favorite summer crop!

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, August 6
Write about your all time favorite commercial.
I'm not sure on this one. I find a lot of commercials amusing, that's for sure. I've always liked the old scrubbing bubbles commercial. One of the funniest ones first ran with the Super Bowl last winter. It was the Pepsi commercial featuring the Oswalds, you know, the one that says. "We're not the Oswalds, we're the Osmonds!" I've never seen the show these people play in, but I thought the commercial was pretty funny.

Random Questions; Random Days!... Monday, August 4
How accurate is your clock? Are you one who has to set it 5-10 minutes ahead just so you can get there on time? What about you? Are you prompt or habitually late?
I try to have my clocks in the house pretty accurate. They are sometimes off, but it is because the battery may be wearing down or something. When I stayed with my sister I was confused because all of her clocks were set to various degrees of fast! It was pretty funny, but my niece always knew what time it was. The clock in my truck is 2 mins fast. I like to get to meetings and work and important things about 10 minutes early. I hate to be late! My husband is the same way about work and stuff, but for family gatherings, (my side and his) he really doesn't care if we're late. I'm working on him though!

That's it for now! I promise to be a little better about updating! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.