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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Here it is Sunday evening. Dave is resting on the couch and watching some boring western! That's ok because it gives me some time on line. I must say when I first heard mom talk about her web-log, i.e., blog, I thought, "Why would anybody want to put personal stuff on line for the world to read?" I still kind of wonder that, but I think I'm hooked. Janice called it her therapy. I guess I can understand that. I suppose if people don't know me and they happen upon my blog, they will most likely be bored! Maybe even people I know will be bored!

Yesterday after a day spent on the lake, we enjoyed a hotdog and brat cook-out and lots of laughs around the campfire. We got home a little late and I was too tired to even check my email. It was a good day though. Today we sort of took it easy. I did laundry, but since I have to turn off the ac to run the drier I spread it out all day. That way the air was never off for more than 50 mins at a time. The house stayed pretty cool. Dave put the headliner in the Pontiac and did some other work on it. The 'ole care is looking pretty good. It has been a quiet day and restful. I think that's what Sundays are for. Signing off for now!

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Hi! I'm baaaaack!!!!
I tried to find Darrell and Dar's place this morning, but to no avail. Oh well, I came home and cut some more grass. I'm not doing the back yard until later in the week. It gets soo much sun that even though we've recently had rain the back yard is already sort of dried up. Dave's back and we are going out on Sanford Lake later, (in about an hour to be exact!) It's so hard to do stuff outdoors in this heat! I mean mowing lawn on a riding mower is not hard work at all. I'm not bagging it, so it is super easy, BUT!! I'm sweatin' like a pig out there! Yes, I use sun screen, don't want any skin cancer creeping up on me. I thought I'd check mail and update my blog site, but I'm headed for the shower!

Alex, I read your blog. I agree, it is nice with the air on on days like today! I like the fresh air too, but on a day like today it is nice to come in and cool off!

See everyone later!

Friday, June 28, 2002

Thanks Mom! I sort of figured it out! HAHAHA! I managed to change my name but the "$" shows up. When I take the dollar sign out I loose my name! Go figure! Anyway, it's better than having my full name on.

Today I cut some grass, but not much. I just did the side of the yard where the horse shoe pits are. I'll either finish tomorrow or Monday. I packed the camper because Dave is over at Darrell and Dar's property. We were going to camp there for the weekend so I was going to join him tomorrow morning, but it's so hot they are thinking of coming back early tomorrow and spending some time at the lake. I'm all for that! Darrell and Dar recently bought some property near our house. They are planning on putting a mobile home on the land sometime in the near future. The people we canoe with and play cards with all went up this evening to help Darrell with something. I'm not sure what, anyway, I stayed back to attend Patti's home and garden party. We had a good time and her cake was absolutely delicious, and low cal.! What a deal! Now I"m working on my blog. I'm not sure if I'll have an interesting enough life to update this daily, but I'll try. Also, if we are gone for the weekend I'll miss some dates. Well, that's about all for now. I need to play with this some more so I can get some links added to my page. I also want to change my look. I need to figure that all out, so I'm signing out for now!

Ok, I tried to start this last night. Maybe I was too tired, but I thought I had one going, but when I tried to go to that shortcut, I kept getting the page was not available. Anyway, here I am again. I seem to be able to find my stuff, but not what I did first thing this afternoon, or what I did last night! I told you it would be rambling! HAHAHA. I guess that's what I'm doing. Mom, Nat, and Janice convinced me this is something I should do. I'm going to make a funny one under the name of my beloved! Look for it soon. We don't have pets, so I can't do that point of view! See you all soon!

Well, once again, I don't know if this is working or not, we shall see!

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