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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Time to get caught up on my Random Questions again!

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, July 30
Who's your favorite actor/actress? Why?
I always liked Richard Dean Anderson as an actor. I got hooked on him back when I used to be a overly faithful watcher of General Hospital. Then it was McGyver! Why? because he is a pretty handsome looking guy in a rugged sort of way!

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, July 29
Yesterday evening I happened to catch a bit of the show called "Fear Factor". YUCK!!! Anyway, it did inspire today's question! What are you most afraid of and why?
I am afraid of heights. I do still enjoy going on big rides though! I like the rush I get from being scared, and then knowing that I did it! There really is no reason why that I can think of, I've always just been uncomfortable in high places!

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, July 28
What time saving cleaning tips do you have? Please share!
The best time saving cleaning tip I can think of is to put things away as soon as you're done using them! Do I follow this tip? Not as often as I should, but I'm getting better at it.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Hi all!
I thought I'd blog a bit about our weekend. We left here early friday, but by the time we stopped for gas, breakfast, ice, and beverages, it was noon when we got to our camping destination. We were camping in a little camp ground at Smithville, just a bit north of Lake City. The weather Friday was perfect! We set up camp and declined the invite to go tubing down the river. We had made the sign for our trip and we wanted to post it unbothered by others. Dave worked pretty hard on the sign since he did the original artwork. I just found clip art on the computer to complete it. It turned out pretty cute though. Later that evening we cooked dinner and enjoyed the company of the other canoers around the campfire. We woke up Saturday to rain, but we really weren't concerned because we were sure it would clear up by 9 or 10 am. It didn't clear up till about 2. It was ok thought cause we set up at tarp and had a dart game, then we went down the river at about 2:30. We took a shorter trip, but still didn't get back to the campsite until about 8:30. We showered and ate a late dinner and again enjoyed the campfire. Today we just got up early and packed. Then we visited and broke camp at about 12:30. We stopped at the Budd Lake Bar for a burger and got home at about 4:00. It was a good relaxing weekend!

Random Questions; Random Days... Saturday, July 26
You probably are aware that the Blogathon 2003 is going on now. Are you participating in any way? Would you consider participating next year?

I have not heard of the Blogathon. I will check out Otto's website for more info, I think! (OttO's New Pad! I'm not sure what it is all about, but with more info, I may participate! Ok, so I just visited OttO's new pad, and there was no info! Well, I am going to try to figure out what the Blogathon is all about! Catch ya later, and thanks OttO, for the question while I was gone!

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Hi all!
We are going canoeing this weekend. I'm hoping for good weather on Saturday. So far the weather twinkies have predicted rain for Saturday afternoon, but I'm hoping they are wrong, after all, the are wrong more often than right! wow!!!

Our garden is doing great! I've already picked peas (in fact they are just about done), beans, zucchini, beets, and radishes! The radishes are done too. Our tomatoes look good, and soon we will have some cucumbers. I've also picked a small bowl of raspberries. Yumm yumm!

Well, that's about all that's been going on around here, I guess I'll catch up on my random questions.

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, July 24
Seems to me like there have been many holidays "made up" just to sell cards, flowers, and gifts. Also to promote sales in retail stores. Currently we are hearing a lot about "Christmas in July" sales. How do you feel about these holidays (Sweetest Day, Grand parents Day, etc.) Do you participate?
We really don't do any of those made up days! I do make a card for my hubby on Valentine's Day, but the rest of the made up days we pretty much ignore.

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, July 23
What do you think about the bottled water craze? Do you drink bottled water? Why or why not?
I am fine with it because my water tastes crappy! We have well water and it is very full of iron and other minerals. I do not go crazy over the big fancy names of bottled water, I get what is ever cheap! The best place for me to go is my parents house! Not only do I get my water jugs filled, I usually get a very good lunch or dinner! I also do the refill thing at Meijer's because it only costs 29 cents to refill the jugs. Of course if I'm not going to Midland, I will just get the jugs we sell at the store cause they are pretty cheap too. If I had good water here I would refill my own smaller bottles to have on hand when I would be on the road.

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, July 21
What kind of computer do you own? How addicted to your computer are you?
I have a Hewlett Packard. It works well, and does all the things I need it to do. I am pretty addicted to it! I like to surf the net, blog, and play games on my computer. I used to use it for work too. I also like to make things on the computer, but I'm not as talented as my sister! I really don't know how I got along without one!

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Getting caught on my Random Questions

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, July 17

What is somthing that you think is beautiful but others may not agree? Why do you feel that way?

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder! Sometimes when you look at newborn babies, they are really not that beautiful, but to the parents, the baby is the most beautiful thing in the world! Likewise, I know that I am not the most beautiful person every born, but when my husband tells me I'm beautiful, I know he means it, and it makes me feel more beautiful.

Random Questions; Random Days.. Friday, July 18

Do you have a collection? What do you collect and how did you decide?

Yes! I have a collection! I collect coffee mugs. I started when I was single and I bought a mug from every state that I had ever been in. It is a pretty cheap souviner, but some of the mugs I've collected are really unique. Then, as a teacher, it is a gift that was often given to me by my students. I have a rack on my wall that holds 60 mugs, and it is full. I have that many Christmas mugs, and that many more mugs to go on the rack! I still get mugs from friends and family as gifts, and I sometimes have trouble deciding which mugs to display. I change my display before Christmas so I can put up the Christmas mugs, and then again shortly after. Sometimes, if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll change the display during the summer too!

Random Questions; Random Days... Saturday, July 19

Who is a famous person you would like to interview and why? What would you ask him/her?

Hmmmmmm.... I'm not really sure. I think it would be interesting to interview Roald Dahl, a very good author of children's books, but he is no longer among the living. I'd like to ask him how he came up with the idea for some of his outlandish stories. I'm sure there are other people I'd like to talk to, but at the moment I can't think of anything profound!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I don't usually answer What's On _____ Right Now?, but I can't seem to get into my meme page. Plus, OttO, I just wanted to let you know that I almost forgot it was Wednesday today! Anyway, I remembered in time, and now for the answer!

What's On your bedroom floor Right Now?

Well, being that I just cleaned the whole house on Monday, the bedroom floor is still pretty cleaned off. I have a little pillow that keeps our door open, one pair of jeans, that aren't dirty, the afghan that goes with the pillow cause it is too hot to have it on the bed, and Dave happens to be in bed right now, a teddy bear, but he is in his right place, a wooden bike, 2 dressers, our bed, and under the bed is Dave's hunting rifle (unloaded), silverware in a box, a silver spoon collection, and that's about it!

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, July 16

This quote is from my daily calendar, "Thoughts of You". "Delight yourself in the sruprises of today." What are some of the little surprises of the days?
I find delight in little things like a pretty sunrise or sunset. I enjoy the pleasant days like today. It was a perfect 75 degrees today and a nice breeze. Sometimes I look at the clouds and I'm amazed at how beautiful they are. I also enjoy the quiet times with my husband. Times when we just hang out and chat. Running into my sisters or mom on line is always a delightful surprise too!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, July 15

What are you really good at? What would you like to do better?

I think I'm a really good teacher. I relate well to the children as well as the adults. I would like to be a better musican. I play pretty well, but I do not play often enough.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Time for some real bloggin!
Last Friday I picked my first zucchini! Actually I got 2 of them and they were yummy! I cooked them with some tomato and mushrooms. We have 5 plants and I know they will get the best of me, but I'll bake and cook and try to keep up! Such a versatile vegetable. Today I picked the first peas too! They were also very yummy. Our garden is looking great. The tomato and pepper plants are flourshing. We got a handle on the deer so they are leaving our beans alone. The liquid fence seems to be working. We also have some cucumbers, onions, beets and carrots planted.

Time for some Random Questions:
Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, July 14

How many memes do you participate in on a regular basis? What are some of your favorites?

I almost never miss Monday Madness! or What's on _____ Right Now?. I also like to do This or That Tuesday. I also participate in others, but these 3 are the best! Oh, and of course I try not to miss Random Questions; Random Days!

Random Questions; Random Days... Saturday, July 12

How do you balance work and play? Do you get enough down time in your schedule?

Well, as I've been unemployed for a while, it wasn't hard! Now I'm working part time, and I still manage to find time to do the things I enjoy. I almost always give myself at least 2 hours of computer time in the evening, but sometimes I choose to watch a sappy movie instead! wow! I think the thing that gets most neglected is my house! I can keep up on the yard pretty good cause I like being outside in this weather. Plus, it is somewhat enjoyable. Today I spent most of the day catching up on my cleaning! It feels good to have it done though.

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, July 10

What if you could fly? What would be the advantages? The disadvantages?

I would be able to visit more people as it wouldn't take so long to get there. I miss my sister, Nat. We used to work together, now I just run into her once in a while on line. I miss my sister, Shar, because before I was married I spent lots of time at her place. I even went on their family vacations! Of course I mis my other sisters too! One just moved across the country to CA! I hope we still see her sometimes. Of course I don't see my parents as often as I'd like either.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, July 9

What is your favorite summer time treat? If needed feel free to provide the recipe!

I'd have to say I look forward to a really good and fresh strawberry shortcake! I make the bisquick short cake biscuits, cut them in half. Then I put a scoop of butter pecan ice cream and top it all off with a few generous spoons of strawberries! yum yum!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, July 8

Remember when you were a kid? We got away with asking all sorts of "Why?" questions. What is something you wonder about now?

Yeah, I remember! I remember asking all kinds of questions as a kid, and I remember hearing my younger sisters ask what I thought were silly questions, but were probably the same ones I asked! wow!!!
What do I wonder about today? Lots of things! I'm working as a cashier at a food store right now, and I wonder how all those folks can qualify for food stamps! ...and the stuff they buy! I know there are lots of people displaced in the work force, I'm one of them! But come on! Do you really need bags and bags of chips to survive? and pop? and not the healthiest breakfast choices! I wonder why there isn't some restrictions on what you can buy with those food stamp cards. Oh well, it's what came to mind.

Monday, July 07, 2003

We had a great weekend! I'm glad we were able to get away! We needed the quality time together. We went out on the boat Friday and Saturday. Dave caught a few fish Saturday morning, but we had to give it up when the rain started. We were glad that the sun came out later in the day. We cooked over the campfire and enjoyed just relaxing together. We missed the fireworks because the closest show was about 1/2 hour away, but that's ok! Some folks were setting off fire crackers in the campground. I don't really think that was such a good idea though, as it was quite a wooded area.

We returned home Sunday early enough to get the garden in order and laundry done. Dave got all the weeds out so it looks pretty good right now. The deer are eating the tops off our bean plants, but I bought a product called Liquid Fence, it is supposed to repel deer, rabbits and other pesky creatures. It is non toxic and will not harm the animals. I guess the smell repels them. It will also not harm the plants. I sprayed it on today and we'll see how it works.

Today I got all the grass cut. It is used to take me about 6 hours to finish, but today I got it done in 4! I'm getting faster! wow!!! I'm glad we got some rain last night cause now the grass is green, of course it's really the weeds, but it looks pretty good now that it is mowed. The weeds were getting pretty shaggy!

Well, that's it for now!

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, July 7

What inspired you to keep an on line journal? Do you, or did you journal in a book?

I've never been much of a journal writer. I made feeble attempts in college when it was required. I also tried a couple of times as an adult, but was never very faithful about keeping it up. I always felt like writing exposes part of my inner self. I'm still not very good at revealing my inner most thoughts, but I do write a few times a week. These random questions help give me a starting base. My mom is the one who got me started, and I did resist at first!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Hi All!
I'm actually blogging tonight! wow!!!
Things have been a little busy around here. Our garden is in, and doing great, but we do have to water it by hand once a day, unless it rains. I have a job at a store as a cashier. It's good to have a job, but the pay is really low. It helps out though. I was lucky enough to get this weekend off... and even luckier to find a place for us to go camping! We haven't camped at all yet this summer, and we're really looking forward to getting the camper out. Dave did a lot of work on the camper this past winter, and the winter before. And.. I made all new curtains for it! It's a new camper inside. Also, he washed and waxed the camper so it looks pretty good on the outside too.

Well, time to get caught up on my Random Questions!

Random Questions; Random Days... Sunday, June 29

Tell how you met your husband/ boyfriend/significant other.

I actually met my hubby through a Christain dating service. My friend had joined this service and they offered a free introductory version. I signed up for that, and believe it our not, I had the wrong phone number down! No wonder I hadn't had much luck with dates! wow!!! Anyway, Dave, called my work number and finally got ahold of me. We talked on the phone a few times and finally met at Ruby Tuesdays in the mall. We hit it off pretty good right from the beginning.

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, June 30

Today's question was inspired by the book, "Dates with the Greats" by Susan Ohanian
On this day in 1964, Maurice Sendak accepts the Caldecott Medal for his book, "Where the Wild Things Are." He states the book is not meant to please everybody - only children. What is your favorite childhood book? Do you still have a favorite children's book author? If so, who, and why?

My favorite children's author is Roald Dahl! He wrote many books that children just love. "The BFG", "Matilda", "James and the Giant Peach", and many many more! I used to read the first two books to my 4th grade students, and most of them couldn't wait to get their hands on those books or any of his others. I would recommend this author to anyone who has children! As a child, I just loved to read, and can't really remember what books I liked the best. I did read a lot of biography books.

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, July 1

What are your plans for the 4th of July?

We are going camping at a small campground about 45 mins from here. As I wrote earlier, we are really looking forward to some quality time together.